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Name Adviser Extension Location
Advanced Computation Laboratory William Hsu INS B18
Advanced Information Technology Laboratory Yu-Sheng Su 6626 INS 110B
Information and Communication Security Laboratory Han-Yu Lin 6608 INS 112
High-Speed Communication & Computing Laboratory Chih-Min Chao 6633 INS 114A
Genomic & Bioinformatics Lab, Center for Marine Bioscience and Biotechnology Tun-Wen Pai 6632 INS 210A
Intelligent Graphics Laboratory (IGL) Shih-Syun Lin 6603 INS 308
Mobile Computing and Networking Lab Chien-Fu Cheng
Distributed Real-time Intelligent Software Engineering Yee-Jsong Juan 6631 INS 401
Service-oriented Software Engineering Laboratory Shang-Pin Ma
Intelligent System Laboratory In-Jen Lin 6638 INS 403
Chin-Chun Chang
Chun-Hsiang (Michael) Chuang
Advanced Computation Laboratory William Hsu 6639 INS 405
Computation Biology Laboratory Kuan Y. Chang
Computer Network Laboratory Chun-Chao Yeh 6638 INS 414B
Cryptography and Information Security Laboratory Pei-Yih Ting 6643 INS 501
Big Data and Deep Learning Laboratory Yu-Shiuan Tsai
Computer Graphics Laboratory Shyh-Kuang Ueng 6607 INS 503
Yu-Ping Hsu
Mong-Shu Lee
Embedded System Laboratory Kuo-Hui Tsai 6650 INS 505
Haw-Yun Shin
VLSI Design Laboratory Mao-Hsu Yen 6646 INS 601
System-on-Chip Laboratory Yeong-Chang Ma
Intelligent Multimedia Laboratory Shyi-Chyi Cheng 6609 INS 603
Multimedia Process and Communication Laboratory Jun-Wei Hsieh
Database Laboratory Ya-Hui Chang 6636 INS 605
Natural Language Processing Laboratory Chuan-Jie Lin